Bill-by-the-Hour Time Tracking


ChronoBeans simplifies invoicing for business professionals that use a Windows PC

Primary features

  • ChronoBeans simplifies invoicing to the push of a button
  • Tracks time your way - using timers while you work or entering time after you work
  • Lets you bill by the hour, by the project, or by the day
  • One download gives you time tracking and invoicing for unlimited clients and unlimited projects
  • Easily customize with your logo or name and choose from a variety of formatting options
  • Try for free - no credit card required
  • 5 minute set up - Software walks you through the process of adding your info, billing rates, one or more clients, and one or more projects. Then you’re ready to start

More features & details

ChronoBeans time tracking & invoice software also lets you:
  • Generate work reports organized by client, project, task and date
  • Add expenses at the client or project level
  • Add and track pending items at the client or project level
  • Set standard billing rates for time by the hour, day, month or fixed bid
  • Override rates at the client or project level to meet special needs
  • Apply invoice payments against open invoices
  • Keep all client and financial data local on your computer with push-button backup
  • Say good bye to end of month billing delays
  • Try for Free - No credit card required

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ChronoBeans simplifies invoicing for business professionals that use a Windows PC

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User comments

“Love this program! I no longer dread the end of the month and having to spend hours updating project status informa-tion to do billing” Colleen, Marketing Consultant

“My favorite feature is the note screen so I can jot down important information while I work.” Scott, Business Consultant

“Thank you ChronoBeans for making a simple program that tracks my time, organizes my notes and makes invoicing easy,” Katie, freelance designer

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