About Us


From the CEO

Hi. My name is Scott Johnston, CEO of 17NorthSolutions, and principal developer of ChronoBeans.

My concept for ChronoBeans came about as a direct result of observing my wife, an independant graphic designer and marketing consultant, deal with the frustrating monthly process of documenting work logs and creating invoices for clients. I would watch her spending hours piecing together notes and emails to create detailed logs for clients, and then total up billable time to create the invoice. None of this effort could be billed to the client and was lost time. While her level of work log detail was in my opinion a little overboard, it no doubt benefited her customers and clearly showed her billing was ethical. Because of the time involved and nature of this end-of-month task it was often pushed off, resulted in delayed billing and therefore longer delays in getting paid.

No off-the-shelf accounting packages, project tools, or CRM software seemed to resolve this problem. I could see that an application to record time and work effort, supporting various clients and projects, would be a great tool for any independent professional. So I got to work.

Another of my design requirements was for this to be a real application that runs on your own computer - and not just another tool in the cloud. I want all ChronoBeans users to be assured that their customer rate information, time entries, and invoice/payment data is only stored on your computer - not in the cloud.

ChronoBeans has now grown into a reliable desktop application to meet the needs of most any independent professional. It even includes payment receipt and application. One feature my wife really appreciates is the ability to track pending items for clients. These are the 'issues' and 'waiting on' items that would otherwise be lost in strings of e-mails.

Lastly, I understand the financial pressures that are inherent to the new gig economy, especially at startup. I've priced ChronoBeans on a subscription basis just for that reason. You can get started with a quarterly subscription for the same price as a couple of fancy coffees a month. And as your business grows, switch to an annual subscription for convenience.

Thank you for being, or considering becoming, a ChronoBeans customer.

Scott Johnston