Tired of Justifying Billable Time to Clients?

Start using Time Tracking with Billable Time Log

Justifying invoice amounts is a frequent issue for freelancers and self-employed people. If you’ve ever been asked by a client, why something costs so much, you know what I mean. Finding a way to track billable time and document what you do during that time is key to creating client confidence and satisfaction. Ideally, you find a program that is easy to use and allows you to create professional invoices and a detailed log of work performed.

Presenting your clients with a Billable Time Log in addition to your invoice is a key feature of ChronoBeans Time Tracking and Invoice software. Your Billable Time Log is created from the notes you type in each timer window. Your notes are automatically organized by client project or by date into a Log report. Sharing your Billable Time Log with your invoice is a great way to help clients understand the depth, details, and nuance of what you do. Find out more at www.chronobeans.com

Find out more at www.chronobeans.com

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