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Thank you for subscribing (FREE or PREMIUM subscription) to ChronoBeans Time Tracking Invoice software.  The ChronoBeans team at 17NorthSolutions has worked hard to provide you with a great product at a very reasonable rate. By subscribing you agree to the following:

ChronoBeans Terms of Service:

  • You are running at least Windows version 7 or newer. ChronoBeans includes free the latest version of Microsoft .Net and local SQL Server DB. These are installed (if not already present) when you install ChronoBeans.
  • You have an internet connection available. ChronoBeans does not require an internet connection to be active all the time, however ChronoBeans likes to check with us from time to time using the internet, to confirm your subscription is still valid and remind you if it is not.
  • Our QuickHelp is part of the ChronoBeans install and you will see the help icon “?” on the lower right corner of most screens, but for detailed help information your internet connection must be working. ChronoBeans will link to our ChronoBeans.com/help website for detailed information from any quickhelp window. We trust you will try to use the available help before contacting us regarding questions and problems.
  • ChronoBeans is only for use on one computer by one user. It’s not designed for multiple users or running multiple businesses.
  • As a ChronoBeans user, you will not attempt to copy or distribute the ChronoBeans software to your friends, colleagues, or family. Please do recommend ChronoBeans if you are happy with our product – Thank you!
  • You won’t try to hack ChronoBeans to try to use it without payment (after trial period). We are an ethical company and we’ve worked hard to provide a valuable and useful product at a great value. We sincerely hope you will want to subscribe and recommend ChronoBeans to others.
  • If a new release is made available we want you to upgrade. It will either contain fixes or valued updates that will improve how you can use ChronoBeans so please upgrade. We want you to have the latest and greatest and will need you to be current to provide support.
  • FREE version has a limit of two (2) clients and six (6) projects. You may use the FREE version as long as you like. No credit card is required.
  • Subscribe to PREMIUM as your business grows. PREMIUM features unlimited cliets and unlimited projects for a low monthly fee.

Our Commitment to You

In return for your FREE or PREMIUM subscription we will provide you with a quality product and commit to the following:

  • You get free upgrades. Any time a new release is available we will notify you during the startup process (another reason to be internet connected) and you can download and install it.
  • We will respect your privacy. We will never intentionally share your information with any third parties, nor send you any marketing emails or other communication not directly from us or related to our product.
  • We will do our best to provide a bug free product, and acknowledge that we can’t anticipate or test for every condition. Should you have problems please contact us (via online support or email) and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner. We sincerely appreciate your input.
  • Your customer information is yours, including all time, expenses, invoices, logs etc.. Your information is stored on your machine and is not transmitted to us. It is your responsibility to back it up using the easy-to-use ChronoBeans backup tool.
  • ChronoBeans will only communicate your installation and subscription information and limited control data to us about how you are using ChronoBeans.
  • Any issue or problem you report may be shared online as part of our help information to benefit other users. Any specific customer/rate details would be masked/omitted, if your issue/problem reports are used.
  • We will accept suggestions for enhancements to ChronoBeans. We appreciate your input and will evaluate and try to incorporate suggestions should they be of use to the majority of our users. At this time we cannot commit to answering all requests or creating custom versions of our application.

If your paid subscription to ChronoBeans expires without renewal, the software will disable certain functions. You will still have access to all the Invoices and Logs you generated, be able to view your Customer and Project data and be able to create certain reports; however the Timer and Invoicing functions will be disabled. Again, our goal is to provide you with a great product that you sincerely want to continue using to help you work smarter and bill faster. Thank you for being our customer!

See ChronoBeans 2 minute video overview here

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