Restore Process

How to do a ChronoBeans Restore

The restore process allows you to recover your data from accidental deletion, or to migrate your data to a new computer.


To run a  restore go to the ChronoBeans Administration screen and select Restore under the Admin menu item. There are a series of checkboxes for each of the types of data you can restore.

  • Your application control information.
  • Your complete database of clients/project/time/etc.
  • Your folder containing generated Invoice and Log .pdf files.

In most recovery/restore situations you would accept the default setting to restore all information. However there may be special circumstances where you only want to restore the database and/or control information. These options are for advanced users, or when directed by ChronoBeans support.

Once checked, click Start to begin the process. You will be directed to select a backup file to restore from. This file could be in the default backup directory, or from a backup device, such as a USB drive.

After the file has been selected it will be checked to ensure it is a ChronoBeans backup, and then your restore process will run as directed. A confirmation message will be displayed and you can then Close the restore function.

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