Receiving & Applying Payments

Applying a client payment is simple with ChronoBeans

Go to the ChronoBeans Administration screen and select the desired client from the list on the left side of the screen. Once the client is selected you can right click on the client and select Apply Payment from the pop up menu or go to the top navigation bar and select Client/Apply Payment. The ChronoBeans Payment Process screen will appear.

ChronoBeans Payment Process Screen

ChronoBeans Payment Process - apply payment

To record an invoice payment, do the following:

  • On the top left side of the screen is the Payment – Add/Update section.
  • Use the calendar to select the date you received the invoice payment.
  • Add a reference number (check number or comment if desired)
  • Add the invoice payment amount
  • Add notes if desired. For instance if the payment is for multiple invoice numbers
  • Press Save and a pop up window will verify ‘Payment was saved’

ChronoBeans Payment Process - apply payment

  • After saving, you will see the invoice payment show up in the ‘Unapplied Payments‘ window in the lower left side of the screen (see below).

ChronoBeans Payment Process - apply payment

  • Select the Unapplied Payment in the lower left screen.
  • In the top right screen under Open Invoices, you will see a list of open invoices and a Payment Amount to Apply window. In the example above there is only one open invoice so the amount to apply will go to the only open invoice. If there were multiple open invoices the amount to apply may be split between invoices.
  • When you are ready, press the Apply button.
  • Any credit (over payment) remaining will show up in the Credit Remaining window.
  • When you are done, press Close
  • Use the same procedure to apply a Credit or Write Off

What if I made an error?

  • Don’t worry, you can make changes. For instance, if you added a duplicate payment that is showing up in the Unapplied Payments window you can delete it by pressing the ‘Unlock‘ button. Once pressed, a new button option ‘Delete‘ will appear. To delete the incorrect unapplied payment simply press Delete.

ChronoBeans Payment Process - apply payment

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