Reassign Task

Reassigning a Task to a different project

It is possible to reassign or move a task from one project to another project within the same client.

To reassign a Task:

  • Go to the ChronoBeans Admin screen. Select the client on the left side of the screen. Expand the client menu and locate the task to be reassigned. The selected task will be highlighted green.

ChronoBeans admin screen with expanded menu for task reassign

  • Right click on the task to be reassigned and the Task Reassign screen will appear (see below).
  • On the right side of the Task Reassign screen will be a drop down menu with a list of available projects.
  • Select the project and press Save.
  • Note: if you realize a new project needs to be added so that it will be in the drop down list, simply go back to the ChronoBeans Admin screen and add a new project. Then you can reassign the task to the new project.

ChronoBeans task reassign screen


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