Project Rate Options

Setting rate options for  projects

The billing rate may be changed for an existing project or for a new project. For detailed information about setting up a new project see: project set-up & maintenance.

  • The project billing rate defaults to the standard hourly rate you set in the Application controls. If your billing rate varies by project, you may easily Override your standard hourly rate by clicking the ‘Override‘ button (see detail below).


  • After pressing the Override button the Override screen will appear (see below).
  • Your default hourly rate will show in the hourly field and can be overridden by filling in a different rate in the Override field.
  • You can also set up the project as a Fixed Price and set estimated hours. Note: Estimated hours will only be seen by you, not your client. This is a good way to gauge your estimating capabilities.
  • You can also select if the project is billable. By default all new projects are billable. You may un-check it if the project is not to be billed. If you want comp time to show on your invoice simply put ‘0’ in the override field instead of un-checking the billable box.
  • When you are done, press Save.

ChronoBeans Project rate override screen

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