Pending Item Setup & Maintenance

What are Pending Items?

Pending items can be used to record any issues, to-do items, and status items, that you want to keep track of and report to your clients. A simple example is where you are awaiting feedback from a client before proceeding with a task.

A pending item has a title, start date, end date, details – and importantly a log. Pending Items are only associated with a specific Project, but a Project can have multiple pending items.

Adding a new Pending Item

There are two ways to add a pending item. First when a Project is selected in the ChronoBeans Administration, you can choose Project/Add Pending Item from the menu bar, or right click on the Project and select Add Pending Item. This will open the Pending Item Maintenance screen.


In the above example we are adding a new Pending Item to the Island Vacations : New Website project.

Updating a Pending Item

Pending Items are shown on  the Client Administration screen below any unbilled time entries, and invoice items, for a selected Client/Project. Simply click on the Pending Item and the edit window will open. You can easily tell if a Client has any open Pending Items as a yellow exclamation mark will show next to the clients name. Likewise if you have a running or paused timer for a client/project, you will also see the yellow exclamation mark. The edit Pending Item screen is the same as shown above for a new entry.

You can also edit your Pending Items, or simply add/edit the log using the Open Pending Items function. This is accessible from the button on the bottom of the ChronoBeans Time Capture window.

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