Open Pending Item Management

Open Pending Items

This function is used to maintain open pending items.  The window is accessed from the Open Pending Items button below on the ChronoBeans Time Capture window.


There is a lot of functionaity in this one window so we’ll go through all the options.

Adding a new Pending Item

At the top of this window you can select a Client/Project and click on the Add Pend Item button to add a new Pending Item.

Open Pending Item List

In the middle of the screen is a list of all currently Open Pending Items. When you select a Pending Item, the items Log will be shown in the lower portion of the window:


The Add Log Entry and Edit Log buttons will be enabled (note: if the log is empty only the Add Log Entry button is enabled). Adding a log entry allows you to quickly add a formatted line item update the status of a Pending Item. Edit allows you to correct the existing log or add new information.

Editing or Closing a Pending Item

If you Right Click on a selected Pending Item then a pop up menu allows you to Edit or Close a pending item. The Close option will confirm you want to close the pending item with today’s date. The Edit option will open the Pending Item Maintenance window.

Why use Pending Items?

Any open or recently closed Pending Items can be show at the top or bottom of the Work Log generated when an Invoice is created. The Invoice Builder gives you options to select individual Pending Items and change where they display. This provides a great way for you to communicate the status of Pending Items to your Client.

You can also use the Open Pending Item Report for interim status updates to your Client.

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