Manual Time Entries

How to use the Manual Time Entry button to record billable time

Manual Time Entries are great for recording billable time not captured using a timer.

Blank timer window

  • To start a Manual Entry: select a client from the grey drop down menu, select a project, then press the Manual Entry button.
  • A Time Entry screen will open for you to record the date, time duration, billable status, and to make notes about client work performed.

Manual entry time window

  • The Time Entry information will be part of your activity log that is generated with your invoice. Log notes may be a single sentence or paragraphs of information.  You can always go back and make edits to fill in more detail later. If you do not want to add notes, you must check the Blank Note OK box before using the Save button.
  • You may also un-check the Billable box (checked by default) if you want the time to not be invoiced but shown on your log.  This is a convenient way to show clients work performed at no charge on their behalf.
  • You have complete control and can edit Time Entries any time before finalizing your invoice and log. Time Entries are conveniently located in the ChronoBeans Admin screen (see below). Simply select the client on the left and select the time Entry to be edited on the right. The same Time Entry Box shown above will open to make changes. It is that easy! For information on how to use timers see: Starting, Pausing, & Stopping Timers

ChronoBeans Admin screen with client selected

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