Installing ChronoBeans

Installing ChronoBeans is easy

ChronoBeans 2.0 installs from the secure website

Note: Firefox browser does not support Microsoft Click-Once install.  Use Microsoft Edge, Explorer, or Google Chrome instead.

  • Please save your work and close any open programs. ChronoBeans installation will require a restart during the install process.
  • Press the Download button. When installing ChronoBeans you will be asked to confirm reading the Terms of Service. Once you have checked the required box, the download can begin. You will see the setup confirmation page.
  • ChronoBeans downloads the Setup.exe program to your computer. Note: your browser may be overly cautious and display a warning message. Please do not be alarmed, our Setup.exe file is safe to download.
  • Once downloaded, you need to run Setup.exe – this begins the installation process. This may include installing Microsoft .Net 4.6 and SQL LocalDB. There is no charge for these prerequisites. Press the Install button.
    Chronobeans install screen

Program Set-up

Be patient when installing ChronoBeans. Upon completion of the install process, ChronoBeans will startup automatically. During the initial startup, ChronoBeans needs to do a few things, like setting up your control information and building your database, so this will take a few minutes.  Once this is done ChronoBeans will guide you through the setup process so you can be ready to work in 5 minutes.

The set up process will ask you to:

  • Enter your email. Email address must match the email used for online user registration.Chronobeans install add email address

  • The Setup Wizard opens. Press the Next button to begin.
    chronobeans setup wizard

  • Setup Wizard Step 1 of 2: Enter your business name (optional), your first and last name, and your default hourly rate. Info can be updated any time from the ChronoBeans Administration / Admin / My Business menu option. For more details, see the help link: Your Business Information
    chronobeans wizard step 1 of 2

  • Setup Wizard Step 2 of 2: Add one (1) client and one (1) project to get started. Add client name, short name (abbreviation up to 4 letters), and address. For more details see the help link: Client Setup & Maintenance. Next add one project name so you can track time. For more details see the help link: Project Setup & Maintenance
    Setup wizard step 2 of 2

  • That’s it!  ChronoBeans will initialize and open the Timer Capture window displaying the client name and project your entered. For details on time capture see: Starting, Pausing & Stopping a Timer
    time capture window

  • Personalize Application Settings.

    • ChronoBeans has many settings that can be customized to your business. To add your logo go to the green ChronoBeans Admin button at the bottom of your Time Capture window. Your Admin screen will open. Go to Admin/My Business. For more details see the help link Your Business Information.
    • The program installs with default settings to determine how your invoice and log will be formatted. To adjust these settings go to the green ChronoBeans Admin button at the bottom of your time Capture window. Your Admin screen will open. Go to Admin/Application controls. For more details see the help link: Application Control Preferences

Should you have any problems during the installation or setup processes please log in to and submit a support request. We value you as a customer and will do our very best to help.

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