Expense Items & Fees

Adding Expense Items and Fees

Expenses, Fees and Other Invoice Items are added at the client level using the Invoice Item Maintenance screen.

Invoice item maintenance screen

There are (2) two ways to get to the Invoice Item Maintenance screen from ChronoBeans Administration screen

  1. Using the expandable client list in the left side of the screen, right click on the client and choose ‘Add Expense/Fee’ from the pop up menu.
  2. Using the expandable client list in the left side of the screen, select the client name and then go to the top navigation bar, select Client and then select Add Expense/Fee from the drop down menu.

Screen Options

  • The client name will appear under the screen name.
  • Select Invoice Item Type: Expense, Late Fee, Discount, Other, Fixed Bid or Monthly Fee.
  • Today’s date will be selected by default. Change if needed.
  • Enter the amount
  • Enter description. The description field will print on your invoice.
  • Enter any notes. Notes are for your information. They do not print on the invoice.
  • When complete, press Save.

Will taxes be applied to Expense Items?

  • You choose if taxes are applied to expense items. This is a global setting in the Application Control Maintenance screen. The Application Control Maintenance screen is found in the ChronoBeans Administration screen top navigation Admin/ApplicationControls.

Application controls

  • Sales tax will be applied to Expense items if a Sales Tax Rate % is entered into the field AND the box ‘Expenses are subject to sales tax‘ is checked. If you do not want expenses to be subject to sales tax, simply¬†‘uncheck‘ the Expenses are subject to sales tax field.

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