Creating Invoices & Logs

ChronoBeans makes invoicing easy!

One button creates your invoice and log

Go to the ChronoBeans Administration screen and select the desired client from the list on the left side of the screen. Once the client is selected you can right click on the client and select Create Invoice from the pop up menu or go to the top navigation bar and select Client/Create Invoice. The ChronoBeans Invoice Builder screen will appear.

ChronoBeans Invoice Builder Screen

  • Review invoice from/to dates and press the ‘Build‘ button to see a Print Preview of your invoice and log in the right hand panel (see screen 2 below).
  • If you are happy with the print preview, press ‘Save‘ and you are done. Building invoices with ChronoBeans is that easy!
  • For detailed instructions about invoice options see below

ChronoBeans Invoice Builder controls

ChronoBeans Invoice Builder includes a Print Preview

Step by step instructions on creating invoices with ChronoBeans

On the left side of the ChronoBeans Invoice Builder screen

  • Your client name will appear in the top left position.
  • The date range from/to fields will default to the dates of your un-billed time entries and invoice items. You can manually change the date range using the calendar.
  • Your Time Entries and Invoice Items and Pending Items will be listed.
    • Time Entries, by default, will be ‘checked’ to appear on the Invoice (INV) and Log (LOG). If you decide to not include a Time Entry on the invoice or log you can simply un-check the boxes. Note: If you originally marked a Time Entry as non-billable (in the Time Entry Maintenance screen), the Invoice box for that item will be un-checked. If you decide to include it now, simply check the box. You have full control!
    • Invoice Items, by default, will be ‘checked’ to appear on the Invoice. Un-check the box if you do not want an invoice item to show on the invoice.
    • Pending Items, by default, will be ‘checked’ to appear on the log. Un-check the box if you do not want a Pending Item to show on the log.

On the top of the ChronoBeans Invoice Builder screen

  • The invoice date will default to today’s date. This can be changed by using the calendar.
  • Log will automatically be checked to show hours. If you want your log without hours (notes only) simply un-check the hours box.
  • Invoice formatting options will default to those set when you added this client. These settings can be overridden in this screen and may be updated whenever you want in the Client/Edit screen. Invoice formatting options include:
    • Group by: Project or Project/Task. This will group Time Entries on your invoice by Project or Project/Task
    • Sum by: Grand Total Only or Project or Task. This will sum Time Entries on your invoice by Grand Total (sum of all projects and tasks), Project (sub total of each project with grand total at bottom), or Task (sub total of each task with grand total at bottom).
    • TIP: For most users: Group by Project and Sum by Grand Total are best. Test each format to see what you like. To see a print preview, simply hit the ‘Build’ button and review your invoice and log. Press ‘Cancel’ to test a different option.
  • Log formatting options will default to those set when you added this client. These settings can be overridden in this screen and may be updated whenever you want in the Client/Edit screen. Log formatting options include:
    • Sort by: Project/Date or Project/Task/Date or Date. Note: If the invoice is grouped by Project then a log sorted by project is ideal.
    • Pending items: Bottom or Top or Not Shown. This allows you to show Pending Items at the bottom of your log, top of the log or not at all.
  • When you have selected your format options, simply press the Build button and review your print preview of the invoice and log. Use the magnification settings to see your invoice and log better. If all looks good, press the Save button and you are done. If changes need to be made simply press Cancel.Note: Before saving, look to see if any Time Entries need to be adjusted for spelling or time spent. Did you forget to make a Time Entry? Also look to see if Expense item descriptions are clear. Changes can easily be made. To edit a Time Entry, simply press the Cancel button and go back to make adjustments to the individual Time Entry in the Administration screen. To edit an Expense item, simply press the Cancel button and go back to make adjustments to the individual Expense item in the Administration screen. When updates are complete, return to the invoice builder.

Saving Invoices

  • When you have built, previewed and saved your invoice and log, ChronoBeans will automatically save your invoice and log to the ChronoBeans Invoice folder: MyDocuments/ChronoBeans/Invoices. Once saved, ChronoBeans will open the Invoice folder so you can see the newly created invoice and log.

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