Client Rate Options

ChronoBeans lets you control client rate options easily. Use default billing rates or setup special rates for a client using the Client Maintenance screen.

Your default Billing Rate settings will show up automatically when you set up a new client.  If you have not set default Billing Rate, go to Client Administration/Admin/Configure/Application Controls. See Application Control Preferences post

It is easy to set a special Billing Rate for a client

In the ChronoBeans Administration screen, select ‘Client’ and you will see the menu options below.

ChronoBeans Client Menu options

Choose  Add New Client or Edit Client and the ‘Client Maintenance’ screen will appear.

ChronoBeans Client Maintenance Screen

ChronoBeans Client Maintenance Screen

  • Under Client Contact information you will see Billing Rate Options. Your default Billing Rate settings will show up automatically in this area. You may choose to ‘Override’ your default Billing Rate by clicking the Billing Rate ‘Override’ button. A screen will appear where you can change your hourly and daily rate for this client only. You may also enter a Monthly fee for services that you perform each month for this client only. Examples of Monthly fees include: Administration fee, Maintenance fee, Retainer, etc. This monthly fee will automatically post on the first of each month for the selected client.ChronoBeans Billing Rate Override screen - client rate options

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