Client Invoice Options

ChronoBeans allows you to set client-specific invoice options or use default invoice and log settings. This will determine how your invoice and log will format when printed

Your default invoice/log settings will show up automatically for each client. If you have not set default Invoice/Log settings, go to Client Administration/Admin/Configure/Application Controls.

Setting client-specific invoice and log settings is easy.

In the ChronoBeans Administration screen, select ‘Client’ and you will see the menu options below.

client drop down menu

When you choose Add New Client or Edit Client¬†the ‘Client Maintenance’ screen appears:
ChronoBeans Client Maintenance screen

  • Locate Invoice/Log Settings at the bottom of the screen. Your default invoice/log settings will show up automatically in this area. You may change these settings on the client level easily. Invoices may be summed by Grand Total or by Project. Your Activity Log can also be grouped by Project/Date or by Date only. Note that these settings can also be adjusted in the invoice builder each time you generate an invoice. for details on the invoice builder see Creating Invoices & Logs

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