Backup Process

Creating a Backup in ChronoBeans

Backing up your data is important to the continuity of your business should anything happen to your computer. It is recommended that you run a backup at frequent intervals.


To run a backup go to the ChronoBeans Administration screen and select Backup under the Admin menu item. Backing up is an easy one-button click. The backup process compresses the following items into a single backup file:

  • Your application control information.
  • Your complete database of clients/project/time/etc.
  • Your folder containing generated Invoice and Log .pdf files.

Once the backup is complete it will open a folder where your last 5 backups are kept. This Backup folder is under ChronoBeans in your Documents folder on your computer.

It is highly suggested that you copy the backupĀ file to an external device (thumb drive). If you lose your computer or the hard drive fails you will not be able to restore your information, unless you have a usable copy of the backup file.

Backing up your data is an essential step if you are ever migrating from one computer to another. For more help on this contact support.

Note: there is no need to backup the ChronoBeans program itself. As a current subscriber you can always download and re-install the current version from the website.

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