Application Control Preferences

Setting up Application Control Preferences in ChronoBeans Time Tracking Invoice Program

During the installation process, ChronoBeans will ask you to select some global Application Control Preferences such as your default rate. See screen below. These preferences may be changed at any time in the Client Administration window under the Admin menu. Detailed information about how to set your preferences is listed below.

ChronoBeans Application control preferences and settings

Default Rates and Factors:

  • Default rates let you set your hourly rate and daily rate as a default/global setting. Global settings may be changed at any time and you may override your default settings at the client and project level.
  • Default rate factors: The rounding factors of 30min, 15min, 6 min, or 3 min are used for the timers. When a timer is stopped, it will automatically round up or down to the factor you select.

Invoice and Log Default Controls: This is where you can set preferences for how your invoices and logs are formatted for all your clients. Note, each time you create an invoice you can override these preferences.

  • Invoices may be grouped by Project or by Project/Task.
  • Invoices may be summed by Project, Task, or Grand Total.
  • Logs may be grouped by Project/Date, Project/Task/Date or simply by Date.
  • Logs can include time spent. If yes, check the box to show hours on your log
  • Logs can show pending items. Check top, bottom or not shown.
  • Invoice number formatting can include:
    • the client short name prefix (4 characters). If yes check the box.
    • the invoice year with 2 characters (YY). 2017 would be 17. If yes check the box. If you use a YY previx the remainder of your invoice number will be three digits, otherwise a 5 digit invoice number is generated.
  • Additional Invoice information can include:
    • your email. If yes check the box. (note: your email comes from your business information page, so make sure you enter it there)
    • your phone. If yes check the box. (note: your phone comes from your business information page, so make sure you enter it there)
    • tax ID. Simply enter your ID number into the window.
    • sales tax rate. Simply enter the percentage tax to add to your invoices.
    • sales tax heading. Enter the description you want to print along side your tax information.
    • expenses are subject to sales tax. If yes check the box
    • last invoice number. This is where you will set the beginning sequence for your invoices. It is set at 100 by default – this will make your first invoice number 101. The last invoice number is set upon initial set up and may not be changed so that invoice numbers are not duplicated.
    • I will use ChronoBeans to track invoice payments. This is a wonderful feature and we recommend checking this box to allow you to apply invoice payments and credits to your clients. More information may be found at receiving and applying payments
    • Invoice payment terms. This window allows you to create a standard message to print on the bottom of your invoice.

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